Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Project XTracker: Ride with Cam

This was a great moment! I was able to take Cam along for a ride on project XTracker. What makes it so special is that I remember riding on the same bike with my Dad as a kid. My Dad actually made some foot pegs that mounted to the frame with some hose clamps to allow me to sit in front of him and stay comfortable & safe. Luckily my Dad is cheap and doesn't throw things out so naturally he held onto these footpegs for 25 years in a box in his garage!
I mounted them up on the bike. They didn't fit 100% since I welded the rear brake master cylinder mount to the frame but they still worked.
We went for a little 15 min ride and it was great. Cam had a blast and I loved bringing this full circle getting 3 generations of Bellamy boys onto this 40 year old bike! The XT isn't going anywhere so hopefully Cam is able to recreate with one of his kids in the future. Now that would be cool...