Thursday, November 1, 2018

Project XTracker: Fiberglass seat base

This will be another lengthy post... 
I wanted to make a new seat to fill the gap between the seat and the tank that exists now. The seat pad shown is the same one my Dad used all those years ago. I decided to go the fiberglass route so that it will be formed to match the profile of the seat pan and tank exactly. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Project XTracker: Fuel tank mounts

I cleaned up the fuel tank mount by making up some spacers to accept a countersunk head screw. You can actually buy a very similar setup through The Vintage Spoke. I figured since I could make my own on my lathe. I used some 1" aluminum round stock that I had from making my front number plate and tail section mounting washers. The fuel tank mounts also match the same design as these washers to tie it all together. Fun little project on the old belt drive Atlas lathe...

Friday, October 19, 2018

Project XTracker: Motogadget Motoscope Mini Speedometer Install

This will be a longer than normal post as the installation of the motogadget motoscope mini speedometer had a lot of details to sort out...
 I bought the unit from Perth County Moto back in the spring but only now got it installed - It was a busy summer but now its time to buckle down to get this think finished and prettied up.
The unit will be mounted to the handlebar and located between the bar mounts

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Project XTracker: Ride with Cam

This was a great moment! I was able to take Cam along for a ride on project XTracker. What makes it so special is that I remember riding on the same bike with my Dad as a kid. My Dad actually made some foot pegs that mounted to the frame with some hose clamps to allow me to sit in front of him and stay comfortable & safe. Luckily my Dad is cheap and doesn't throw things out so naturally he held onto these footpegs for 25 years in a box in his garage!
I mounted them up on the bike. They didn't fit 100% since I welded the rear brake master cylinder mount to the frame but they still worked.
We went for a little 15 min ride and it was great. Cam had a blast and I loved bringing this full circle getting 3 generations of Bellamy boys onto this 40 year old bike! The XT isn't going anywhere so hopefully Cam is able to recreate with one of his kids in the future. Now that would be cool...

Project XTracker: Painting tail section

Delayed Post: July 25, 2018

With the extra holes in the tail section/ seat pan filled it I could now get down to painting it to match the fuel tank. The tank and original paint are in great shape so I couldn't strip it to change the colour. I originally didint like the brown but it has really grown on me. Keeping the brown will maintain a vintage feel of the bike and tie it back to when my Dad owned it.
The Yamaha paint code is a 00V0 GGB Ginger Brown. While searching for that info I came across a thread on the XT500.CO forum with info on a readily available paint that matches really close. The paint is from Montana Cans and is their Gold Series G 8100 Orange Brown. I found a source in Toronto and ordered a can or paint and primer. This paint is  geared towards graffiti and its a bit different than your standard aerosol paint. It's lower pressure and comes out slower in a larger 'cloud" so  you can get a bit closer to the part you're painting. It ended up working out pretty good and the colour matches great.
I picked up a can of higher quality (than tremclad) aerosol clear coat from my local Napa. It ended up with a bit of an eggshell finish but considering my minimal paint experience and small $$ invested I'm happy.

Project XTracker: Tail Section - fill extra holes

Delayed post: June 20, 2018

This is the same flat track style seat pan/ tail section that my Dad had when he owned this bike. Like I said before he doesn't get rid of anything (thankfully!) There were some extra holes in it that I wouldn't be using so I wanted to clean those up. 1 on each side, 1 at back middle and 2 under the seat. I picked up a fiberglass kit from Canadian Tire, roughed it up and laid down some chopped mat and resin on the underside. I then filled the holes from the outside with bondo. 
Later I'm planning to made a new fibreglass seat pan base so that the seat will extend right up to the fuel tank. 

Project XTracker: License plate mount

Delayed Post: June 19, 2018

License plates are a necessary evil for road motorcycles. They are ugly and clutter up a good looking bike. I opted to go with the vertical orientation mount off the left rear shock. Apparently this isn't quite legal as the plate is supposed to be horizontal but I'll risk it...
I made my license plate mount out of some 1/8" aluminum plate and 2"x2"x 1/8" aluminum angle. I opted to drill and thread the mount holes to keep things clean and avoid needing nuts. 
I sourced a minimalist license plate light off ebay for about $10. 

Project XTracker: Footpegs & Shift Lever

Delayed post June 12, 2018

The stock footpegs are pretty spindly looking and I heard elsewhere that YZ450 footpegs were pretty close. I found these stainless steel ones on ebay for $25.
The foot pegs took some machining to make them fit. They came with a 8mm mount bore. The XT is a 12mm shaft so that bore had to get drilled out. I also had to grind down the mounting boss to be more narrow. Finally, I had to weld in some new pivot stop points so that they pegs would sit flat and allow some rotation upwards.
The gear shift lever is also new. I came across an aluminum shift lever on The Vintage Spoke. It was supposed to fit XT, SR, TT500's but it required a bit of bending to get it to fit tighter to the engine side cover.
Looks pretty rad now. Little more MX influence...

Project XTracker: Inner Fender

Delayed post June 13, 2018

Since I diched the stock airbox and other covers that functioned as an inner fender I had to make my own. I started out making a cardboard template with cut outs around the chain path, rear brake line and rear brake master cylinder actuator link. Then I welded on some mounting tabs to the frame. I transferred the cardboard template to some 16Ga aluminum sheet. It mounted up nice and closed in the frame to protect the air filter. The clearance to the rear tire was a bit tight. After riding it a bit I noticed a scuff mark where the rear tire was actually hitting when the suspension compressed. I hit up Trevor Daley at One Speed Chop Shop (again) to help with adding a recessed section for more clearance.
I really wish I had  TIG welder (and knew how to use it…) in times like these…  

Trevor did a great job as usual

Project XTracker: YSS rear shocks

Delayed post May 24, 2018

I bit the bullet and shelled out some $$ to but a set of aftermarket rear shocks. The stock ones were functionally OK but a little dirty & rusty. I felt like this project was progressing in a manner that it needed some aftermarket shocks to look right. I shopped around a bunch and settled on a set of YSS Z-362 shocks. I went with non-piggy back style shocks because I wanted to keep the shock mount license plate bracket.
These shocks are custom built to you and your application . On the order form you give rider weight, bike model, type of riding, mounting dimensions, swing arm length, shock length and swing arm pivot to shock mount dimensions.
I'm really happy with how these turned out.