Thursday, November 30, 2017

Project XTracker: Tail light

For my tail light I'm using an adhesive backed flexible LED tail light with signals off ebay here. Since I'm using the minimalist drag specialties momentary push button I needed to use the motogadget m.relay+ to take the momentary signal and create a prolonged signal pulse. pretty slick unit. I finished up the mount. I originally wanted to integrate the LED into the rear hoop but its a pretty small diameter and I didn't think it would fit and still look good. So I went with a bending a piece of 1"x1/8" flat bar to mount it right under the rear hoop and welding it to the frame. I think it fits the minimalist/ low profile look and is visible and easy to replace (since it is a $2 china ebay part...).

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Project XTracker: Number plate

A number plate is key for setting off the look of a classic street tracker. The number plate was one of the first things I bought for the project. Its an aluminum number plate that is 10" x 12" with a bead rolled edge that I picked up off ebay here.
The headlight is an Optilux mini LED light bar (H71020411) that I scored from one of the suppliers at my day job.
I really wanted to be able to flare the opening for the light so that it wasn't just a straight cut out. Since it wasn't a standard size to use a dimple die and I'd need to fine tune the opening size I needed to figure out a maual method. I saw a post in a hot rod forum where a guy did it manually using some flat bar with a slit cut in it to fit the material thickness. I tested it on a scrap piece of aluminum and seemed to work ok. I used a scale print out of the CAD model I've been working off to locate the mounting holes and the location of the cut out on the number plate. I cut it using a dremel tool and a cut off wheel - multiple cut off wheels as they wear out quick and break.... For the corners I cut them straight across then used the dremel again with a rotary sanding bit to sand back to the marked out lines. Then started flaring making multiple passes around the opening bending a short angle each pass.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Project XTracker: Number plate mounts & front brake line routing

I finished up machining the aluminum number plate mounts that incorporate front brake line clamps on the left side. I got my brake cables from Apex Brakes - good price & quick service but the banjo bolts they came with were coarse thread pitch vs the fine thread in the caliper & master cylinder. Luckily I had some extras to use.
I'm really happy with how the mounts fit up and how the front brake cable routing & clamps worked out. Now to sort out the number plate and the headlight cut out...

Project XTracker: It's RUNNING

The 12V conversion regulator came in earlier this week from Vintage Spoke so I got down to some more wiring. I got everything wired except for the the rear tail light. I decided to check if I did it right and see if it had any spark. Sure enough it did so before dinner I fired it up for a few minutes. Started 3rd kick too. The short exhaust has a nice bark to it but luckily isn't too loud. Jetting likely needs a little fine tuning since I replaced the airbox with a K&N filter and the new exhaust.

I also ordered a rear brake master cylinder reservoir (Ebay) that came in this week. Needed one with the outlet on the side to reduce height and fit under the top frame rail. 

Monday, October 23, 2017

Ontario Provincial BMX Finals 2017

The family made the trek to Nepean (Ottawa), Ontario for this years Provincial finals BMX race weekend. We decided to make it a bit of a family road trip. We booked a hotel with a water park and planned to do some sight seeing. Here's the video from our weekend adventure:

The track was great. They had the berms paved the week before the event and were super smooth and fast. We raced Friday night before the finals Saturday. Cam missed the transfer to his main by one spot and I managed to win my class which consisted of a couple other 17 & 18 year olds to made a full class.
Saturday was another great day. Cam made his main and rode well. I only had 2 other guys in my class so we can 3 motos for total point for the overall score. I went 2-3-1 for 2nd overall on the day. 
I had the 35+ cruiser title wrapped up before the weekend. I was the only rider to do enough of the previous provincial events (4) to be qualified for the championship ranking. 

Jumping the 2nd straight triple

I love this pic of Cam

Jumping into turn one leading Moto 3

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Project XTracker: Progress

Here's how its looking currently:

I machined up a nice little washer to use on the seat pan/ fender mounting. I'm going to make more for the front number plate mounting too. Also planning to fill the extra hole in the fender.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Project XTracker: Pipe Finished

I dropped the bike off to Trevor Daley at One Speed Chop Shop last weekend and he worked his magic with is TIG welder to get the stainless steel pipe welded up. He also made a mount for the muffler. He added a nice touch with using a dimple die around the hole to add some strength to the bracket - these details are why I went to Trevor...
I can't wait to pick it up later this week, finish up the wiring and hear what it sounds like!
Give him a follow on instagram @onespeed116

 Muffler mounting springs tucked around the back side

Saturday, October 7, 2017

My old Mongoose Minigoose is back!

Recently I got by my very first bmx race bike! Not one of the same model but actually the exact same bike. Here's the story:
I first got this bike in 1992 or 1993 when I bought it from my neighbour across the street in Port Elgin. I raced it maybe 10 times over 1993 & 1994. Milton was the closest track at the time and with it being 2.5 hrs away from Port Elgin I didn't continue racing. I did keep riding the hell out of it though. When it came time to get a bigger bike I took it to The Bike Source in Burlington to trade it in on a Free Agent Eluder. Brent Smith owned The Bike Source at the time. Jump ahead to a couple weeks ago at the Milton BMX old school classic event. I went to go race and get some track time before the coming National event there. I saw Brent there and got chatting and I said how cool it would be to get another old Mongoose Minigoose like I had. He remembered my bike and mentioned he had sold it and taken it back on trades a few times and still had it up until a couple years ago. As it turns out he sold it to the Sarich family who are local to Milton and they came to the old school event that day and brought "my" bike.
I was up in the starting gate area when a young kid (Cruz Sarich) came up to me and said "Brent told me to come see you and show you my bike."  There it was! I talked to him for a few mins and told him about how that used to be mine. Later on I stopped to talk to his Dad. I told him that when they're ready to get rid of it that I'll buy it from them.
The day went on and Cruz rode the bike in the event. When it was over Cruz came back to me and said that since he's about to out grow the bike him and his family wanted me to have it! I was shocked. How cool was that?! Huge thank you to the Sarich family.
I still had the front number plate that I used on that bike and I ordered a flo green pad set to get it looking just like how I had it. I just need a white front brake cable now. I've got it hanging in my garage until Cam grows and bit and can ride in a future old school classic...

Friday, October 6, 2017

Stouffville & Milton Provincial BMX Races

I took my WaspCam helmet cam to the Stouffville and Milton Provincial races the weekend of July 15& 16, 2017 with the plan to get some race footage and put together a video log of Cam and I's race weekend. Here's what I came up with:

Races went great. Cam made his main and got a solid 3rd place.
In my main I got lucky when Greg Bidwell crashed in front of me going into the rhythm section handing over the lead to me. I managed to hold on for the win!

Cam made a great pass in turn 1 during his second moto to get 2nd place to transfer to his main. In his main he had another solid 3rd place.
In my main Bidwell crashed again in front of me, slowed me a bit so I didnt have great track position coming into the last corner to make any moves for first. I finished the lap in 2nd.