Friday, October 19, 2018

Project XTracker: Motogadget Motoscope Mini Speedometer Install

This will be a longer than normal post as the installation of the motogadget motoscope mini speedometer had a lot of details to sort out...
 I bought the unit from Perth County Moto back in the spring but only now got it installed - It was a busy summer but now its time to buckle down to get this think finished and prettied up.
The unit will be mounted to the handlebar and located between the bar mounts

I drew up a small bracket with the intention that it wont be visible. I picked up some 3/4" aluminum angle from canadian tire and got down to business on the drill press, band saw, belt sander and file...

I marked out the holes, drilled and tapped two M4 holes for the bracket

Looks pretty good. nice and clean.
View from the bottom where you can see the button head screws used to mount it. The wiring runs through the top triple clamp through the same hole the handlebar push buttons run through. 

Drilling the rear brake caliper holder for mounting the speed sensor.

The sensor is a M5x0.5 thread. Super fine thread. I ordered a tap off chinese ebay and waited the month and a half for it to show up...
I decided to mount the speed sensor off the rear wheel to keep the wiring as clean as possible. If I were to mount it on the front wheel there would be a wire running up the front forks which would be nearly impossible to hide. 

The kit comes with a magnet to use as the speed sensor target. I mounted it to the rear sprocket by drilling a small locating hole roughly half the depth of the magnet thickness. I ground off the end of the drill bit to get a flat bottom hole. 

Then I used some epoxy to stick it to the sprocket.

To hide and protect the speed sensor wires I wanted to use some tubing ran down the swing arm. I got this idea off a previous bike of mine - a KTM 250EXC and I actually came across an old speed sensor and tube in my bin of old parts. This probably came from my Dad who never throws anything out (thanks again Dad!!). To attach the tube to the swing arm I drew some inspiration from bicycle cable housing routing and planned to machine some small tubes, weld them to the swing arm and route the plastic tube through them.

I took some 3/8" steel rod...

...and drilled a 1/4" hole in it...

...then parted off 10mm lengths.

Fits the tube good. 

This is the plan.

Starts at the top of the swing arm routing behind the shock mount then wraps around the side to the bottom.

It wraps around the bottom of the swing arm and trough a stock loop for holding carburetor vent lines. 

Finished rear end setup. I added some heat shrink over the end of the speed sensor and into the plastic tube for some extra wear protection. The speed sensor wires are tiny. When the swing arm gets re-painted it should hide nicely. 

Ride. Chop. Repeat.
Then came the 'fun' part... wiring it up. I suck at this stuff. Soldering the tiny wires took me forever. I didn't really take any pictures of this. The wiring circuit is fairly simple: power, ground, speed sensor, tachometer input and push button signal. For the time being I just wired in a simple push button loose dangling off the side of the bike for controlling the modes and configuring the unit. I will eventually add another of the same push buttons I'm using for the signals and horn on the handlebars. 

The speedometer includes a tachometer pickup to display RPM. The wire shown with the red arrow is where you need to tap into.

I'm going to have to clean this mess up somehow...