Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Project XTracker: Painting tail section

Delayed Post: July 25, 2018

With the extra holes in the tail section/ seat pan filled it I could now get down to painting it to match the fuel tank. The tank and original paint are in great shape so I couldn't strip it to change the colour. I originally didint like the brown but it has really grown on me. Keeping the brown will maintain a vintage feel of the bike and tie it back to when my Dad owned it.
The Yamaha paint code is a 00V0 GGB Ginger Brown. While searching for that info I came across a thread on the XT500.CO forum with info on a readily available paint that matches really close. The paint is from Montana Cans and is their Gold Series G 8100 Orange Brown. I found a source in Toronto and ordered a can or paint and primer. This paint is  geared towards graffiti and its a bit different than your standard aerosol paint. It's lower pressure and comes out slower in a larger 'cloud" so  you can get a bit closer to the part you're painting. It ended up working out pretty good and the colour matches great.
I picked up a can of higher quality (than tremclad) aerosol clear coat from my local Napa. It ended up with a bit of an eggshell finish but considering my minimal paint experience and small $$ invested I'm happy.

Paint booth...