Friday, December 21, 2018

Project XTracker: Seat pad

I picked up my seat pad from Haversack Leather. I quickly threw the tank and seat pan on the frame to check how it fits up. It's perfect! Natalie @haversack_leather nailed the look I had in mind. The pleats give a nice vintage feel and matches up with the highlighted engine fins, wheel spokes and tank sticker. The black leather cover is feels really high quality. Give Haversack a social media follow, check out her other leather goods and keep her in mind for your next project. She's located in St. Mary's Ontario.


Progress Pics:
Natalie used 2 densities of neoprene foam - harder on the base and softer on top

Profile shaped to the template I supplied

Glued to the fiberglass base I made. The cover was riveted to the bottom side of the base