Thursday, November 1, 2018

Project XTracker: Fiberglass seat base

This will be another lengthy post... 
I wanted to make a new seat to fill the gap between the seat and the tank that exists now. The seat pad shown is the same one my Dad used all those years ago. I decided to go the fiberglass route so that it will be formed to match the profile of the seat pan and tank exactly. 

 I started by using some masking tape and modelling clay to smooth out the profile between the seat pan and the fuel tank. 

 Then I covered the bike with garbage bags and some saran wrap.

 Cut a couple pieces of woven fiberglass mat

 I did this all while watching Red Bull Straight Rythm, drinking some Kombucha and snacking on some pork rinds...
 I put down some carnuba wax on top of the saran wrap hoping it would help with the removal. Turns out it didn't make that much of a difference. I ended up having to take a wire wheel to the back side to remove the remaining bits of saran wrap.

 First layer of fiberglass and resin

 I ended up doing 3 layers, waiting an hour then adding 2 more layers

 I popped it off the next day

 Turns out some of the resin leaked through the saran wrap and garbage bag and left some residue. I'll need to sand this down and re-paint the seat pan.

 I took it to the band saw and trimmed it to size. The cleaned up the edges and corners on the belt sander
Fits nice and tight

 Now I'm messing with seat pad profiles... I'm thinking I'll end up taking it to an upholstery shop to do the foam and stitch up a cover.