Monday, October 1, 2018

Project XTracker: MotoGadget bar end signals

Delayed post from July 27, 2018

I picked up these MotoGadget bar end signals from Perth County Moto. MotoGadget stuff is so nice. Super high quality. Not cheap $$$... but I think its worth it. These bar end signals keep things real clean - no blinkers dangling off the side of your bike. 
Up to this point I just had my little LED light bar strip on the back of the bike and the signals were not very bright/ visible. These signals are really bright and will definitely be seen plus no more hand signals! 
I was able to route the wiring through the handlebars to keep that hidden. Wired back to the MotoGadget relay for using the push button switches to control the signals. 
They mount with the simple rubber tube/ nut that wedges to the inside of the bar when tightened.
There are some other less expensive bar end signals out there but none are as nice as the MotoGadget ones. 
Now I just got to keep from dropping the bike and smashing them...