Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Project XTracker: Inner Fender

Delayed post June 13, 2018

Since I diched the stock airbox and other covers that functioned as an inner fender I had to make my own. I started out making a cardboard template with cut outs around the chain path, rear brake line and rear brake master cylinder actuator link. Then I welded on some mounting tabs to the frame. I transferred the cardboard template to some 16Ga aluminum sheet. It mounted up nice and closed in the frame to protect the air filter. The clearance to the rear tire was a bit tight. After riding it a bit I noticed a scuff mark where the rear tire was actually hitting when the suspension compressed. I hit up Trevor Daley at One Speed Chop Shop (again) to help with adding a recessed section for more clearance.
I really wish I had  TIG welder (and knew how to use it…) in times like these…  

Trevor did a great job as usual