Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Project XTracker: Footpegs & Shift Lever

Delayed post June 12, 2018

The stock footpegs are pretty spindly looking and I heard elsewhere that YZ450 footpegs were pretty close. I found these stainless steel ones on ebay for $25.
The foot pegs took some machining to make them fit. They came with a 8mm mount bore. The XT is a 12mm shaft so that bore had to get drilled out. I also had to grind down the mounting boss to be more narrow. Finally, I had to weld in some new pivot stop points so that they pegs would sit flat and allow some rotation upwards.
The gear shift lever is also new. I came across an aluminum shift lever on The Vintage Spoke. It was supposed to fit XT, SR, TT500's but it required a bit of bending to get it to fit tighter to the engine side cover.
Looks pretty rad now. Little more MX influence...

Pegs before mods

Shift lever before bending
Shift lever after bending