Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Project XTracker: Number plate mounts & front brake line routing

I finished up machining the aluminum number plate mounts that incorporate front brake line clamps on the left side. I got my brake cables from Apex Brakes - good price & quick service but the banjo bolts they came with were coarse thread pitch vs the fine thread in the caliper & master cylinder. Luckily I had some extras to use.
I'm really happy with how the mounts fit up and how the front brake cable routing & clamps worked out. Now to sort out the number plate and the headlight cut out...

I got the parts with just the profile cut so I used a drill press and vice to drill out the holes for tapping and counter boring the clearance holes. I just used a small machinists square to orient the part in the vice. Accurate enough and saved me a ton of $$ vs getting the holes done at the machine shop.