Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Project XTracker: It's RUNNING

The 12V conversion regulator came in earlier this week from Vintage Spoke so I got down to some more wiring. I got everything wired except for the the rear tail light. I decided to check if I did it right and see if it had any spark. Sure enough it did so before dinner I fired it up for a few minutes. Started 3rd kick too. The short exhaust has a nice bark to it but luckily isn't too loud. Jetting likely needs a little fine tuning since I replaced the airbox with a K&N filter and the new exhaust.

I also ordered a rear brake master cylinder reservoir (Ebay) that came in this week. Needed one with the outlet on the side to reduce height and fit under the top frame rail. 

Helper Cam checking the brake reservoir hose clips are in the right place

Tessa wielding some side cutters...