Friday, October 6, 2017

Project XTracker: Ignition switch and cable guides

The donor front end did not come with the ignition switch to fit the top triple clamp. I spent some time digging through the Zdeno Cycle ignition switch boxes and managed to find one that fit. Turns out it was out of some model Kawasaki. Its a 3 wire style and needed a bit of modification to get the electrical circuit functionality desired for the planned wiring.
The routing of the throttle cable, clutch cable and decompression cable it a bit of an issue. I came up with an idea to make some guide fingers to retain the cables that mount off the ignition switch mount holes. I drew out my idea on some cardboard, transferred it to some 3/8" x 2" aluminum stock I had kicking around and went to town with my not-so-cnc 'hand mill' (band saw, angle grinder, hand file...) I still need to add some generous radii to the guides but I think it will work out to keep the cables tidy. The guides, when loosened, can pivot away so the cables can be taken out of the guides.