Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Project XTracker: Filters, Headlight, Tires

I picked up a K&N air filter and crank case breather filter so that I could ditch the stock air box. I ordered these online direct from K&N. Good prices, cheap shipping that was super quick (2 days from California) and no duty fees!. I also scored a 'sample' of an Optilux (Hella) mini light bar from one of the light suppliers I deal with at work. The plan is to mount it in behind my front number plate with a nice opening cut and flared around it. I mounted a pair of used tires off my flat track race bike to get an idea how it will look with the flat track rubber. They're Golden Tyres and are acutally DOT approved for the road. Looks pretty killer to me. The rear wheel clearance to the seat/ frame looks tight so I'll have to check into that a bit. The forks are real short so that helps to make the front end look much less chopper like.

Still rockin' the inner tube steering stops...