Friday, October 18, 2013

The UNIT Skycraft Concept FMX Bike

Recently Unit, an Australian clothing company, unveiled a concept freestyle motocross bike. Unit sponsors a number of FMX riders. The idea was that of Unit co-founer Ian Everest who then contracted Triple Eight Race Engineering to build the prototype.
Ian Everest stated: “The original design brief recognized the opportunity for an ‘out of the box’ product for freestyle motocross. All other forms of motorcycle sports use purpose built machines. FMX riders have no option but to adapt and heavily modify race bikes. It made sense to explore what an FMX specific bike might look like. Being a concept motorcycle it also meant we were not constrained or restricted by production or cost requirements.

The Spec's
•    75 kilograms (165 pounds)
•    Uses existing powerplant and suspension setup typical to FMX
•    Carbon fibre monocoque frame with integrated fuel tank
•    Carbon fibre swingarm with integrated silencer
•    Ultra-slim carbon fibre bodywork
•    Grab handles integrated into carbon fibre body
•    Carbon fibre rims
•    Compact front-mounted cooling system with single radiator core
•    Custom-built titanium expansion chamber
•    Full titanium axle and bolt kit
•    Titanium shock spring
•    Front air suspension
•    Unit magnum grips (patented design)
•    Increased/adjustable turning angle

Its always cool to see new ideas come to be reality. carbon fibre is not known as the most durable material in the world but it is extremely strong for its weight. I'm thinking a few good crashes and the carbon structural components may be compromised. The open cradle motor design is interesting - I wouldn't want to be casing any jumps. Having the exhaust routed through the swing arm is also interesting considering the high stress area having high temperatures routed through a composite.
I'm looking forward to seeing what some top FMX riders can come up with on this thing!