Tuesday, August 2, 2011

SuperMoto X Fest Race Recap

This past weekend I made the 8+ hr trek to race the SuperMoto X Fest event at the Mecaglisse Circuit in Quebec. It was round 2 of the Canadian National series, round 3 of the Eastern North American CAN/AM series and the biggest SuperMoto event in Canada. The French love their SuperMoto! Lots of riders and spectators come out to this amazing facility
The grids for the heat races were drawn randomly so for the Open Amateur heat race i was gridded 7th (2nd row, middle). I got a good start and made my way into 2nd through the dirt. On the last lap I was passed and finished 3rd giving me a front row grid position for the main.
In the main I got a good start, then in the 2nd corner (a tight right hander) I got tangled up with another rider and nearly went down. I fell back to 6th. I passed a couple riders to get to 4th where I'd finish.
For the SM1 semi pro heat race I was gridded 10th (3rd row, middle). I got another great jump, cut to the inside and then swept around the outside of the 2nd corner passing some riders to get into 5th or so. I passed another rider later to get to 4th securing another front row start in the main.
In the main I grabbed 2nd off the start and held that for the majority of the race. I could hear 3rd was real close and tried to focus on my race but with 2 corners to go he stuck his wheel inside of me on the corner. I tried to lean on him to hold him off but I was headed to the tires lining the track so I had to let him by and settle for 3rd.
This 3rd place finish put me into the "super final prestige race" at the end of the day were the top 3 riders of all classes are put out together. This race was run in a series of 2 lap races where the fast guys start at the back and after 2 laps the last 3 riders are kicked out, the running order flipped and the race restarted. I only lasted the first round but it was a good experience to watch how the top pros do it.
Thanks to Alexandre Poitras for the pictures. Go to http://alexandrepoitras.com/blogue/ for more pictures from the event