Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Alexandre Poitras' Supermoto X Fest Pictures

 All these pictures were taken by Alexandre Poitras. He was the official photographer for the SuperMoto X Fest event and he offered a cool service to the riders where he would sell s a CD with all the pictures he took of them during the event for $30. If you didn't get your CD at the event you can still get yours by getting in touch with Alex on his website:
My CD had over 40 pictures and these are my favorites... 

 Chasing down Sam in the dirt
 Getting on the gas down the back straightaway
 Trying to hold off Fred Coeymans in the SM1 Final

 The Mecaglisse dirt section is really good
 The big tabletop is really fun

SM1 Podium: Fred Coeymans, Chris Barendregt, Me