Tuesday, July 20, 2010

RECAP: Shannonville Rd 5

Chris "The Vet" Barendregt stopped on his way to Shannonville to pick me up and we carpooled for the weekend. We planned to get to Shannonville in time for the 5 o'clock practice but the 401 cottager traffic thought otherwise. We arrived with the sun going down and decided to skip practice. We got everything unpacked and set up then fired up the BBQ and got a fire going.
Saturday rolled around and since we were worked into the schedule of the RACE sport bike regional series we were slotted for a 12-1 practice session during their lunch and races after they were done for the day. The weather was sunny and hot with a strong breeze. We weren't able to run the dirt during the practice because the sport bike guys couldn't have any dirt dragged onto the track. The short practice went good and i was feeling good. The turnout was small - 10 guys. The stretched out schedule and a national the following day in Montreal were to blame.

Chris' friend Brad rode his 640 advendture to Shannonville and Montreal to help us out

Over the afternoon the wind picked up and with our luck it came with a bunch of rain just before our races were set to begin. I didn't have rains with me or time to change them if i did. Some guys had their spare rain wheel sets and were able to get them on. The classes were combined into two motos. On my first sighting lap just cruising around I highsided in a slow corner. This made me flip the mental switch into safe mode and just cruised in hopes of no further crashes to save myself for the National race the following day.

Weather rolling in...
I ended up placing 5th in the Open Am race. Once the races were complete I quickly changed my rear tire to a fresh slick and switched back to my tight track gearing and we loaded up. We took off for Montreal and arrived about 1 o'clock. We got into the hotel and went to sleep to rest up for the H Games on Sunday....