Tuesday, July 20, 2010

RECAP: H Games: National Rd #3

We arrived at the track around 8 o'clock and set up our pit. Then it was time for the bi-lingual riders meeting where we got the schedule for the day worked out. Next up was practice. The track was quite similar to the Shannonville supermoto track so I instantly felt pretty comfortable. The track was real fun and had 1 1/4 dirt sections with a couple fun jumps.

 The race schedule kicked off with the SM1 heat race. I screwed up off the start by stalling my bike. On the second lap of the race, SM1 points leader Frederic Coyemans took a nasty crash after tucking the front end and sliding into the fence lining the course. His bike followed him in and it was nasty. It looked as if he had broken his leg. Hopefully he is ok and will make a quick recovery.
The race was restarted which worked in my favour. I pulled the holeshot but shortly got passed for the lead. I rode second all race until I made a little low side coming into the dirt. This let 2 guys by me so I ended up 4th. I kept a first row starting grid which was a bonus because passing on this track was tough.

The Open Am heat race was good. I pulled a second place start and tried to ride a smart race and save some energy for the mains. I dropped to third but maintained that to the end.

In the SM1 main I grabbed second off the start and battled the leader the whole race up to the second last lap. The leader Danny Bernier wasn't jumping the small triple at the start of the dirt and I was. I tried to jump up beside him to make a block pass in the dirt corner but I stalled my bike just after I landed. This dropped me back to 4th. Thinking back I should have just chilled and hoped for a mistake from the leader. Instead I went for the win and ended up 4th. Regardless, i learned a lot and still got some good points. I'm now sitting 3rd in the SM1 National Points.

The Open Am main wasn't too exciting. I got off the line in second place behind my carpooling partner for the weekend Chris Barendregt. We both held our positions for the entire race and took home the top 2 positions. What a great way to finish the weekend!