Saturday, October 7, 2017

My old Mongoose Minigoose is back!

Recently I got by my very first bmx race bike! Not one of the same model but actually the exact same bike. Here's the story:
I first got this bike in 1992 or 1993 when I bought it from my neighbour across the street in Port Elgin. I raced it maybe 10 times over 1993 & 1994. Milton was the closest track at the time and with it being 2.5 hrs away from Port Elgin I didn't continue racing. I did keep riding the hell out of it though. When it came time to get a bigger bike I took it to The Bike Source in Burlington to trade it in on a Free Agent Eluder. Brent Smith owned The Bike Source at the time. Jump ahead to a couple weeks ago at the Milton BMX old school classic event. I went to go race and get some track time before the coming National event there. I saw Brent there and got chatting and I said how cool it would be to get another old Mongoose Minigoose like I had. He remembered my bike and mentioned he had sold it and taken it back on trades a few times and still had it up until a couple years ago. As it turns out he sold it to the Sarich family who are local to Milton and they came to the old school event that day and brought "my" bike.
I was up in the starting gate area when a young kid (Cruz Sarich) came up to me and said "Brent told me to come see you and show you my bike."  There it was! I talked to him for a few mins and told him about how that used to be mine. Later on I stopped to talk to his Dad. I told him that when they're ready to get rid of it that I'll buy it from them.
The day went on and Cruz rode the bike in the event. When it was over Cruz came back to me and said that since he's about to out grow the bike him and his family wanted me to have it! I was shocked. How cool was that?! Huge thank you to the Sarich family.
I still had the front number plate that I used on that bike and I ordered a flo green pad set to get it looking just like how I had it. I just need a white front brake cable now. I've got it hanging in my garage until Cam grows and bit and can ride in a future old school classic...

Serial #: M4-C2342
M - maid in Taiwan in Merida factory
4 - 1984 
C - March
2342 - production #