Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Project XTracker: Rear wheel drive & brake setup

I got a couple hours of work in on the project bike last Friday night. Worked on getting the rear wheel drive and brake system mounted up. I got he hub adapter and custom sprocket a few weeks ago. I had to machine up axle spacers and caliper spacers. The drive and brake side spacer had to be machined to fit the caliper hanger and allow it to pivot. I did this with making it a 2 piece part that sandwiches the caliper hanger. I got the spacers machined, bolted it all up and it fits up just as planned. The clearances are close but shouldn't be a problem. I still need to make a stay to support the caliper hanger. Positioning the caliper on the bottom side may make the caliper stay easier to fit unless I get real creative since the shock is in the way.

Lathe action...