Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Project XTracker: More parts!

Project name update - I decided to start calling the bike project XTracker. It's an XT 500 and will be styled as a street tracker.... self explanatory... and I can use #XTracker on social media to track project posts.
New parts this week:
The rest of my exhaust parts came in. Stainless 12" reverse cone megaphone, 18degree bend and mounting bracket from Cone Engineering. This will match up nice with the stainless low pipe header. Going to hit up my buddy Kevin the TIG welder to fab these babies up.

Custom aluminum 40 tooth rear sprocket from PBI sprockets. I ordered the sprocket custom machined to my specifications and it shipped the same day! It wasn't cheap - $100 usd shipping (plus $20CAD duty... grrr) but should do the trick nicely. Time to sort out the hub adapters....