Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Project Bike: Dad's XT500 - Front end and more parts

I drilled the top GSXR triple clamp for the handlebar mounts to get an idea how it will look & fit. There is a good chance I can use the stock top triple clamp and steering stem based on the rough measurements of the XT frame. 
I took another trip to Zdeno to find a new, smaller rear brake caliper. I didn't have any luck but I did come a cross a 6 piston front caliper off a 1999 Kawasaki ZX7. I traded in the 4 piston caliper and the rear brake system I had previously sourced plus a couple bucks $$$. This will give some more power than the 4 piston unit I previously had and will match up much better with the large master cylinder I'll be using.

Looks pretty good... I gotta get a front tire on there soon. I almost have the front disc mount designed so I can send that out to get machined soon

 I also picked up some fork seals for the GSXR forks since the one is visibly blown, a set of taper roller bearings to convert the XT over from the ball bearings used in the steering head and wheel bearings for the front wheel to fit the larger 20mm GSXR axle.