Thursday, March 16, 2017

Project Bike: Dad's XT500 - Restoration re-assembly

Dad has been busy working on the restoration porting of this project. After tearing the bike down to the frame and cleaning everything he installed some new fork seals and mounted up some new to us tires. These tires came from the Supermoto Ontario club which was shut down this year (too bad). While I was the president of the club we setup a program sponsored by Parts Canada and Avon tires where guys could bring their motocross bikes and fit some tires that would work on the supermoto race track to give it a try. The tires are Avon Distanzas 21" front and 18" rear and even though they are a little more street oriented than dirt they will work fine and the price was right... Thanks to Brandon (sister's boyfriend) for picking them up in St. Catharines.
The frame paint is still pretty good and the aluminum rims polished up really nicely.
The fork boots are a little hard and prone to cracking so were going to be careful with these since they are super expensive to replace for some reason...

Engine is in and it's looking more like a motorcycle! I had an extra chain kicking around from my supermoto bike gearing setup so I sent that home with Dad the other weekend to use on the rebuild.

Dad put some more elbow grease into the front fender to revive its finish and even managed to save the ninja turtles sticker that I put on the bike 25+ years ago. He wet sanded it with 180 grit then 600 grit and buffed it out with some Maxima SC1 (new bike in a can) spray...