Saturday, March 11, 2017

Project Bike: Dad's XT500 - 3D CAD

As a mechanical designer by day I work with Solidworks 3D CAD all day. So I'm going to use this software to model up the front and rear ends to help me design the needed hub adapters.
For the front end the GSXR front end fits a 310mm rotor. So I need to source a rotor of this size and made an adapter to space the rotor properly and line up with the rotor mount holes. Axle spacers will also need to be sorted out. I need to make sure there is enough clearance between the tire and bottom triple clamp for the suspension stroke.
Once of our light suppliers (Hella/Optilux) makes a nice small light bar. I'm thinking this would work good for a headlight. Recessing this light into a front number plate should look good.

For the rear end my goal is to design a single side brake and sprocket setup. I first saw this on a custom XS650 chopper with a similar 19" rear wheel setup. I think it will be a fun challenge to work out this design. I'll likely need to use a pretty large diameter rear rotor so that the brake caliper will clear the sprocket and chain. I should also be able to fit an extra wheel bearing into the hub adapter to better handle the drive and braking forces.