Friday, May 2, 2014

Supermoto Axle Sliders Custom List

I've been making a lot of custom machined axle slider sets recently. Here is an updated list of the bikes I have made custom sets for and have the dimensions on hand.

KTM - modern MX & offroad bikes 2004-Current
Yamaha - 2006 YZ450F
          2005 WR250F
          2010 YZ450F
Honda - 2002 CRF450R
         2006 CR250R
Suzuki - DRZ-SM
              2007 DR650
Cannondale - 2003S440
Husqvarna - 2011 TE449
          2008 610SM

The bikes listed may have the same configurations for model years close to those listed. Of you know your model year is the same I can go ahead with those dimension or I can send you the dimension sheets to check if your bike measures the same.

Also, reference my custom order form for required dimensions here.

More info on the axle slider sets here