Monday, August 19, 2013

Fun flat tracking

I haven't posted much on here this year regarding my racing, basically because I haven't been doing much of it. Its amazing how much having a child changes your life... in a good way of course.
This year I've got a lot more into flat track racing. Paris Speedway is 10 minutes from my house and is a real fun 1/8th mile track. I had rode there a couple times last year and had a blast so I wanted to do more. Over the winter I bought a second set of suspension which I got lowered and setup properly. The bike works way better and it's even more fun with a good working bike.
Flat track racing is super inexpensive compared to other disciplines. Paris runs Tuesday night practices for $25 and the Friday night races are only $25 per class to enter. The craziest part is they have a purse for the beginner class that pays out $40 to win. Awesome.
Here are some pics from a Tuesday night practice a few weeks ago. Thanks to David Dudley and Karolina Pelc for the pics.