Friday, October 28, 2011

RIP Marco "Super Sic" Simoncelli 1987-2011

MotoGP lost one of their stars last weekend at the Malasian GP. On the 2nd lap while in 4th place Marco Simoncelli low sided but stayed with the bike and in an attempt to save it he cut right into the path of Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi who hit him. The crash was violent and Simoncelli's helmet was knocked off. He died of serious head, neck and chest injuries.
Super Sic won the 2008 250cc world championship and was in his 2nd season in MotoGP. He had a very aggressive style that some thought was too aggressive but it made for very exciting racing. See the great tribute video below to see some of the highlights from the 2011 season. The press conference clips are great with other riders bashing his style after he's made passes on them. His personality and skills will be greatly missed. RIP Super Sic.