Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cool Bikes from Greece

Jessica and I were in Greece last month for our honeymoon. Scooters and motorcycles dominate the roads there. I tried to take pictures of come of the cool ones we came across. The tight, twisty roads there would be pretty awesome on 2 wheels.
This one looks to be a knock off Honda Mini Trail 50. The first motorcycle I ever rode was and older model Honda Mini Trail 50

Many of the bikes there aren't available in North America like this one. I don't know what brand it is but there is a "FMX" branded on the tank. Most likely another cheap chinese model but is a pretty cool looking Supermoto

 This one is a beauty. Yamaha YZ125 2-stroke complete with a square profile rear tire (lots of pavement miles), spray painted plastics and no front fender. I'd hate to see the condition of the gear oil...

 A Kawasaki model I haven't seen around here

I found this KTM 660 SMC supermoto down a sidestreet in Oia on the island of Santorini

A pretty cool street fighter style sport bike that was parked down by a small harbour near Fira on Santorini

Not a bike but a neat little ride. I think it might be an old Citroen. I like the canvas roof and sides. Found this guy in Mykonos

 A Yamaha XT Supermoto that you can't get here but it looks a lot like the Yamaha WRX Supermoto you can

A Ducati 750 on the Athens plaka district streets. Ducati's are sexy

Another killer bike found on the Athens streets. This KTM Duke 690 looks like so much fun...

Not a bike but a cool original Mini Cooper in a nice setting on an Athens side street

The cops in Athens were out and about because of riot risks. I'd become a cop there if I got paid to ride an Aprilia Dorsoduro Supermoto. Bad ass!