Sunday, October 2, 2011

2011 Ontario Provincial Supermoto Points Standings

Also with one more round to go next weekend, here are the Ontario Provincial Points:
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1st       Chris Barendregt        50pts
2nd      Sam Harris                  40pts
T3rd     Jerrett Bellamy           38pts
T3rd     Ryan Welburn             38pts
5th       Albert Cule                  28pts
6th       Francois Asselin          20pts
T7th     Kieth Fowler                15pts
T7th     Patrick Corcoran         15pts
T9th     George Borissov          14pts
T9th     Adam Woronowicz      14pts
T11th   Jean Francois Viens     13pts
T11th   Dany Bernier               13pts

1st       Steve Scharfe              50pts
2nd      Danielle Hine              22pts

1st       Mike Maloney             47pts
2nd      Keith Fowler                38pts
T3rd     Scott Kerr                    22pts
T3rd     Mike Maloney             22pts
T5th     George Borissov          20pts
T5th     Adam Woronowicz      20pts
T7th     Dimitri Tsvetkov          18pts
T7th     Danielle Hine              18pts
T9th     Brandon M.Foubert    16pts
T9th     Marcelo Chuaqui        16pts
11th     Eric Patterson             15pts
12th     Sara Clode Carriere    14pts
13th     Evan Okopny               12pts
14th     Peter Vickery              11pts

1st       Chris Barendregt        50pts
2nd      Frederic Coeymans     42pts
3rd       Jerrett Bellamy           40pts
4th       Steve Scharfe              20pts
5th       Dany Bernier               18pts

VET 35+
1st       Steve Scharfe              50pts
2nd      Francois Asselin          22pts

1st          Hal Scharfe                         42pts
T2nd      Marcelo Chuaqui              25pts
T2nd      Dimitri Tsvetkov               25pts
4th         Sara Clode Carriere         22pts

1st          Brandon M.Foubert        25pts
2nd        Ethan Cule                          22pts

1st       Mathieu Robitaille      45pts
2nd      Marc Lalonde              25pts
T3rd     Charles Desjardins      22pts
T3nd    Benoit Rousse             22pts

PRO 450
1st          Andy Cule                           25pts

1st          Aaron McDonald              50pts
2nd        Andy Cule                           42pts
3rd         Yves Lagace                        22pts
4th         Michael Martel                 20pts
5th         Chris Ranson                      18pts