Tuesday, September 13, 2011

H Games Supermoto Race Recap

This past weekend was the 3rd edition of the H Games Supermoto Race. It marked the 4th Canadian National Round and 4th ENAC Can-Am Round. The race is held in the parking lot of the H Gragoire / Eskape dealership in Carignan, Quebec south of Montreal. This was a great event last year and this year's didn't disappoint.

The event got started Saturday afternoon with practice and the qualifying heat races after. Practice went great and I was feeling good.
 Open Am heat start
In the Open Amateur heat race I was was 3rd or 4th off the start. I made it to 2nd after a couple laps. The leader was doing a really big double in the dirt section that only the pros were doing. I could reel him in on the pavement but in the dirt he would gap me.  I finished 2nd which gave me 2nd place starting position for the main.
This is the Open Am winner doing the big double

In the SM1 semi pro heat race I got a second place start. I made a pass for the lead a couple laps in. The Open Am heat winner was on me but I believe he went down in the pavement chasing me. I held on to win the heat.
 SM1 heat start
Sunday rolled around and we got started with some practice, then a freestyle show and got into the finals. In the Open Am final I got a 3rd place start. I was pushing 2nd place hard for a couple laps before I made a block pass in the dirt bermed corner.
Chasing down Sam (5) before I passed him for 2nd
 The leader was the heat winner and he continued to do the big double. I managed to keep him within a second or so but was unable to get close to try a pass and the mistake from him I was waiting for never happened. I was very happy with my 2nd place finish.
Open Am Podium
In the SM1 final I maintained my 1st place start into the first corner but I let off a bit early coming in and 2 guys swept around me. Once into the dirt section everything changed. They had watered the dirt before the final and we never got a sighting/hot lap to know this. The leader crashed trying to slow down for the corner. I cut to the inside to miss him but as I got on the brakes my front end was tucking.
Leader down, I'm heading inside
I ended up going straight up the berm then as I rolled back down to get turned another rider hit me and knocked me over. My bike stalled and my race was basically over.
 It doesn't look slick but the dirt was like ice...
It took me a lap to get my bike started then I rejoined the race and finished it out in 7th place. Bummer way to end a great weekend but I'm healthy to head off to Greece this Thursday for my honeymoon which was the #1 goal...
I earned some good points towards the Open Am National Championship where I sit 2nd, 5 points behind 1st. In the SM1 points I'm in 5th place and only 2 points out of 3rd. There is a tight points race going in the SM1!
 Photos by Alexandre Poitras