Tuesday, August 30, 2011

SuperMoto Bike Check

Bike checks are really popular on the bicycle sites I check regularly so I figured why not do one for my SuperMoto bike. I'll give a full run down of how my bike is setup and all the modifications I've made to it.
Bike: 2004 KTM 450SX
Motor mods: 6-speed SMR transmission, 525SX cam for a little more top end
Clutch: KTM Hardparts Slipper - Made by Adige
Exhaust: Akrapovic Titanium Header and Silencer with a home-made pipe slider
Front Wheel: 17" x 3.5" RAD Manufacturing black anodized & 17" x 3.5" Behr KTM hardparts wheel for rain tire
Rrear Wheel: 17" x 5" Rad Manufacturing black anodized & 17" x 5" Behr KTM hardparts wheel for rain tire
Tires: Michelin Cut Slicks
Gearing: Typically 13 tooth countershaft and 48 tooth rear
Front Brake Setup: 310mm Beringer floating rotor, Beringer 4 piston caliper, Magura 13mm Radial Master Cylinder & EBC Brake Pads with part number ending in -HH
Triple Clamps: 14mm offset from a 125cc KTM
Suspension: Re-valved and sprung for the guy I bought it from by MX-Tech
Handlebar: MSR Taper-wall Motion Bar Black
Grips: Pro Taper Pillow Tops
Throttle Tube: G2 Ergonomics Quick Turn
Steering Damper: GPR
Handguards: Acerbis Supermoto with Enduro Engineering Mounts
Graphics: Custom Orange Motorsports Team Edition by LB Graphics
Air Filter: No Toil filter with No Toil Oil - oil works great and it's super easy to clean
Axle Sliders: Custom made from 1.75" round Delrin and 1/4" threaded rod. The sliders are specially machined to fit over the axle nuts and into the axles for a nice secure fit.
Catch Cans: Carb lines run into the stock KTM catch can. The funky container at the front of the motor on the chain side is a catch can for my crank case vent. Instead of running the vent line to the airbox the oil spatter is collected in the can. The chrome part at the top is a vent to keep the can from pressurizing. There is a small screw top container tied to the rad shroud for the rad overflow
Extras: Orange anodized clutch slave cylinder guard
    KTM Hardparts Holeshot Device
    "Factory Style" chain guide on top of the swingarm to keep the chain out of the rear tire. Bought from Hugoagogo on www.supermotojunkie.com
     I welded a small steel plate into the foot pegs to make a secure mount for a small piece of Delrin high density plastic as my foot peg sliders
     KTM Hardparts Orange anodized clutch slave cylinder guard
     KTM Hardparts Holeshot Device
     Sunline gas cap breather
     Maxima pro filter oil filter covers

I switched the chain guide mounting bolts so a counter sunk head bolt that the head is to the inside of the swing arm. This makes sliding the rear wheel in and out easier.

I wrap the tip of my rear brake pedal with duct tape to keep by boot from getting hung up on the lever

I safety wired a zip-ty to the choke knob on the carb to make it easier to pull on. 

Oil: I run Maxima Maxum4 fully synthetic oil and change it every race weekend. I change the oil filters every 2 oil changes.

Gas: I run Esso Premium 91 Pump Gas