Friday, June 24, 2011

Photo Essay: MISupermoto / Can-Am #2

Instead of writing a race report for last weekend’s MISupermoto / Can-Am #2 Races I decided to do a Photo essay with the pics I snapped throughout the days races at Auto City Speedway. There aren’t any pictures of the Amateur class since I was out there battling too…
 Riders meeting. There was a good turn out to the event with 30-40 riders

 Dave Duprey and his MISupermoto team did a great job turning the Auto City stock car track into a really fun & safe Supermoto track. Once things got rolling the event went off without a hitch

 Canadian rider Andy Cule (32) led the pro heat race for a while before a small crash and bike issues hampered the rest of his day

 The infield dirt sections had flat slippery corners as Sam Harris finds out here. Sam would go on to finish 4th in the Amateur class

A nice full grid of beginner riders lined up on the front straight
 Keith Witherspoon (370) leads the Beginners into the turn 2 hairpin after the start. Keith would go on to win the Beginner class

 John Love (50) holding second through the infield switchback ahead of Keith Fowler (17). John finished 2nd and Keith 4th in the beginner class

 Here’s Keith Folwer making a pass on Joe Izworski before heading onto the front straight

 Ron Meredith took some time out of his schedule managing Travis Pastrana to come race the Vet 35+ class. He settled for 2nd after battling hard with winner John Lukasik Jr.

 Here’s Chase Guthrie (82) backing it in nicely into the turn 2 hairpin with Jason Hine (103) hot on his heels. Chase held his lead in pro Moto 1 to take the win with Jason keeping him honest. Moto 2 didn’t go so great for Chase. After getting a poor start he lowsided in this same area taking him self out of moto 2

John Kelsey looked real comfortable pitching his KTM sideways whenever he had the chance. John would finish 4th in the Pro class

 Jason Hine airing it out over one of the jumps in the dirt section on his way to winning Pro Moto 2

Jason Hine took the win in Pro Moto 2 and the Pro overall for the day

The Pro podium 1st Jason Hine, 2nd John Lukasik Jr. and 3rd Kirk Cheney