Friday, May 6, 2011

Report: Ontario Provincial Round 1 Race Report

The 2011 Supermoto season kicked off April 30 at the Shannonville Motorsports Park. For an early spring race the weather couldn’t have been any better. Sunny skies and warm weather made for a great day of racing on the Shannonville Nelson circuit.

When the flag dropped on the Open Amateur main it was Sam Harris who grabbed the holeshot ahead of Dany Bernier and Jerrett Bellamy. Chris Barendregt, who started 4th, made his way past Bellamy for 3rd by getting a better drive over the urban jump after the dirt section. Barendregt would continue his charge and get past Bernier passing him on the outside through an asphalt corner. Barendregt closed in on the leader Harris and after following for a couple laps made a pass stick for the lead. The top 4 riders stayed very tight keeping things exciting. Harris stayed on Barendregt’s rear wheel and went for a pass under braking at the end of the front straight. He never quite got the track position before the corner and as the leader turned in for the corner Harris clipped his rear wheel and went down. At the same time 3rd place Bernier threw up his hand at the end of the straightaway signalling a bike issue and pulled off. Bellamy was the beneficiary of all this moving into 2nd and this is how it would finish. Barendregt took the win, Bellamy 2nd and Ryan Welburn claimed 3rd.

Open Amateur Podium (Left to Right: Ryan Welburn, Chris Barendregt, Jerrett Bellamy)
The Novice class was the next class out.  Mike Maloney won this class ahead of Scott Kerr and George Borissov.
Scott Kerr (470) took 2nd in the Novice Main

The SM1 Semi Pro and Veteran riders were combined for the next main. Frederic Coeymans led the group into the first corner ahead of Chris Barendregt, Dany Bernier and Vet rider Steve Scharfe. On the second lap Scharfe got a good run on Bernier over the urban jump and took the inside line into the right hand asphalt corner. Bernier didn’t want to give up his spot and leaned in on Scharfe who didn’t back down and held his line. Bernier was pushed wide and tucked the front end, lowsiding and crashing out of the race. Jerrett Bellamy who was running 4th behind Scharfe benefitted from the Scharfe/ Bernier altercation and cut to the inside and passed both riders as Bernier went down. Out front, Barendregt put a pass on Coeymans for the lead and went to work opening up a lead. Bellamy closed in on Coeymans and made a pass around the outside of a pavement left hander. Scharfe would also get by Coeymans and on the last lap would make a pass on Bellamy after the urban jump. Scharfe took the Vet win while Barendregt claimed the SM1 Semi pro win over Bellamy and Coeymans.
SM1 Semi Pro podium (Left to right: Frederic Coeymans, Chris Barendregt, Jerrett Bellamy)

Mathieu Robitaille won the ATV class ahead of Charles Desjardins.

Steve Scharfe (75) beat Danielle Hine (922) for the SM2 250 win

The final race of the day was the Pro Open main. Off the start, first to the corner was Yves Lagace then Andy Cule and Aaron MacDonald who would dive under Cule for second. Not wanting to give up second Cule went to the inside of MacDonald on the next corner. Cule ended up hitting the rear end of MacDonald’s bike and went down. Lagace put his head down to try and open up a gap which he did. MacDonald was able to shrink that lead over a couple of laps and closed in on Lagace. MacDonald made his move on the asphalt and got by Lagace for the lead. After crashing in the second corner Andy Cule charged hard getting past American rider Chris Ranson for 3rd and eventually closed in on Lagace but ran out of time to try a pass. MacDonald took the round 1 win with Lagace 2nd and Cule 3rd.

Aaron MacDonald (41) leads Yves Lagace (818) in the Pro Open main