Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Najua Medina (November 6, 1971 - March 26, 2011)

This past Saturday afternoon the offroad motorcycling community lost a great ambassador and I lost a great friend in Najua Medina (39). She passed due to complications following surgery to repair a cerebral (brain) aneurysm.

Najua and her husband Predi developed a love for offroad motorcycling after moving to Canada from their native Brazil. You would have likely met the two of them at Trail Ride, Enduro, Hare Scramble, Dual Sport or Motocross events across Ontario where they represented KTM, Maxima and Red Bull.

Predi & Naj

Naj was a very inspiring woman, had an infectious smile and was tough as nails. Anyone who had the chance to ride with her will surely have a story similar to mine: It's been countless times that I`ve come up behind her during a ride and she would pull over to let me by. Instead of tearing past I would stop to say "Hi" and see how her ride was going. She would always reply with her big smile and say something like "Everything is good, what a great ride." Her response was always the same regardless of the situation: soaked from rain, covered in dust or with her bark busters twisted out of place from earlier crashes. Naj wouldn't skip the gnarly sections of a ride either and could usually get her way though. What she lacked in skill she made up for in grit and determination.

Naj was always positive, helpful and kind (to say the least). She touched many people and this was made evident by a large turn out to her funeral service Monday in Mississauga.

Naj & her fellow woman trail riders

Naj, you'll be greatly missed. I'm proud to have called you a friend. May the sun always shine on your heavenly single-track.

Predi and Amira, my thoughts and prayers are with you and the rest of your family.

If you'd like to make a donation in Najua's name please consider The Wings For Life Spinal Cord Research Foundation. Najua and Predi are active supporters of the foundation.
The Wings for Life Spinal Cord Research Foundation is a privately funded non-profit organization which follows the principal aim of promoting research worldwide in order to expedite scientific and clinical progress towards a putative cure for Spinal Cord Injury.
Please follow the link to make a donation: http://wingsforlife.com/donation/index.php?lang=en
You can tell there is a big smile under that helmet
Always there to help
Predi & Naj at the 2009 Calabogie Boogie Saturday Dinner