Monday, January 10, 2011

Cool Stuff From the Bike Show

I left the Supermoto Racing booth a couple times to go check out the rest of the show. Here are a couple cool things I spotted...
This new OSSA trials bike has some pretty progressive design features. It was the coolest bike I saw at the show. Fuel injected 2 STROKE with the engine design flipped around like the YZ450F.

That block with the OSSA sticker on it is the gas tank. The radiatior is behind it (yes there is a fan to actually give it some airflow). The air box is between the tank and rad. You can also see the throttle body for the fuel injection. Mass centralization!

Rearward slanted engine with the exhaust coming out the back.
Ohlins suspension. The exhaust loops around then goes into that sheet metal canister under the fender.
All of this and its only 140 lbs! I want one!

This custom was once a hill climb bike. It was converted into a pretty cool looking chopper. I really want to build my own chopper/bobber much like these bikes.

This guy had rain slicks on his custom...

A couple nice lower budget custom bobbers

I really liked the styling of this bike. Pretty wild frame and rear suspension design. More Ohlins bling, nice wheels and brakes...