Wednesday, June 30, 2010

REPORT: Canadian National Supermoto Series Rd 2

Sunday, June 27 marked the second Canadian National Supermoto race of the season. Rain the day before left the track wet and the dirt sections un-rideable Sunday morning. The riders took to morning practice on a pavement only track. The threatening weather led to a smaller than usual rider turn out so multiple classes were joined together to fill the grid. By lunch time the dirt had dried enough to ride and the races were set to begin.

The first moto of the day was for the Pro 450 and Beginner riders. Dave Arnold grabbed the Pro 450 holeshot over Paul Rouillard and Maxime Sylvestre. By the end of the first corner Sylvestre moved into second and set his sights on Arnold. Steven Beech got by Rouillard for 3rd and these two battled it out the entire moto. Rouillard showed Beech a wheel a few times but was never able to make a pass. Sylvestre was on Arnold’s rear tire pressing for the lead up until the point where Sylvestre pushed a little too hard on a left hand pavement corner and low sided. He was quick to remount and kept his second position but Arnold was long gone and was able to cruise to the victory.
Dave Arnold (2) goes outside while Maxime Sylvestre (77) goes inside during the Pro 450 race.

The beginner class consisted of only 2 riders: Krys Nowakowski and Danielle Hine. Nowakowski took the lead off the start and held it to the end. Hine rode her own race and finished strong.

Danielle Hine (922) on her way to 2nd Place in the Beginner race

Next moto up was the Open Amateur and SM2 250 moto. Jerrett Bellamy got the jump on the field and took the lead off the start. Chris Barendregt tucked in behind Bellamy and followed until the second dirt section where he made his move by taking the inside berm while Bellamy went outside. After nearly looping out off the start, Kevin Kiddle worked his way though the pack until he got to 3rd. On the 5th lap, while chasing second place Kiddle landed crossed up on the big tabletop and went down hard. This crash caused the race to be red flagged. The riders lined up for a final 4 lap sprint to the finish. This time Bellamy got a poor 4th place start behind John Chemello, Krys Nowakowski and Barendregt who held his lead. Chemello got by Nowakowski on the pavement then Bellamy got my Nowakowski in the dirt section. Over the next 3 laps Bellamy closed in on Chemello and made the pass for second on the last corner of the last lap.

Jerrett Bellamy (67) on his way to the holeshot while Kevin Kiddle (4) wheelies off the line

In the SM2 250 class Steve Scharfe once again, took the lead from the start over Alex Scott and Danielle Hine. These riders held their positions throughout the race except for Scharfe who wasn’t content with just winning his class. On his Honda 250 he was battling with guys from the Open Am class on their 450’s.

The 3rd and final moto combined the Pro Open, SM1 Amateur and the 35+ Veteran classes. Paul Rouillard holeshotted the Pro Open race over Maxime Sylvestre and Dave Arnold. Before the end of the first turn Sylvestre cut to the inside of Rouillard and made a pass for the lead. Further back in the first corner there was more action. Kenny Riedmann came in a little hot on the inside of Erik McAdam and pushed him a bit wide. Steven Beech was committed on the outside of McAdam and Beech clipped McAdam’s front wheel sending him down hard. This pushed Beech off the track loosing plenty of ground. Out front Sylvestre maintained a 2-3 bike length lead over Arnold who had made his way around Rouillard. Eventually, the leaders made their way into lapped traffic. As the always do, the lappers made things more difficult for the leaders and Sylvestre was able to stretch his lead. Sylvestre took the win with Arnold 2nd and Rouillard 3rd.
Maxime Sylvestre (77) took the Open Pro win

The chaos in the first turn left Fredezic Coeymans with the lead over Jerrett Bellamy in SM1. Coeymans held the lead for a lap until he took the outside line in the second dirt section. Bellamy took the inside and the lead from Coeymans. Bellamy maintained the lead and was un-contested for the win.
SM1 Podium

Chris Barendregt grabbed another early lead over Fred Vegter and Steve Scharfe in the +35 Veteran class. Barendregt held his lead while Vegter and Scharfe had a close race. Scharfe was never able to make a pass and settled for 3rd behind Vegter.