Monday, June 14, 2010

RECAP: R.A.C.E. Provincial Rd 3

The weekend started out looking like it was going to rain the whole time. Regardless, I headed to shannonville to have some fun on the supermoto bike. I showed up shortly after it had quit raining and the track was slowly drying. I set up my pit beside fellow KTM riders Fred Vegter and Sam Harris.

Team KTM
I suited up with the new Troy Lee Designs supermoto gear that Dave Arnold hooked me up with (thanks Dave!) and it felt awesome compated to the hot and heavy leathers.
The 408 crew had recently put down a layer of clay over the dirt section and with the recent rain the dirt section was un-rideable. So they changed the course to the pavement only layout. So we went out and did some laps on the wet track. As the track dried it got better and better. It was a lot of fun since it was just wet enought to get some great slides going. Gotta love that feeling. Rode for so long I ran out of gas.
Sunday morning came around without any extra rain but was still overcast and the dirt was still too wet. The riders made an early decision to call it a rain out and Dave Arnold offered to hold a bit of a school day. I went out and took advantage of this and got a lot of help from Dave. Things once again changed and the sun came out and dried up the dirt so the call was then made hold the races as first planned.

Ready to race...
The open amateur heat race started off the day and I was gridded 5th. I got a decent start and secured 4th early. I was pushing Cameron Sutherland most of the race for 3rd. On the last lap, last dirt section I got a really good run on him and lined up for the inside berm line. He also decided to go for that line so I ended up stuffing him to take 3rd in the heat. This gave me a good first row start for the main.

In the main I got a killer start and pulled the holeshot. I held the lead for a bit but let 2 guys get by me. I continued to push to no let them get too far ahead. Then on lap 5 I crashed on the landing of the big tabletop in the first dirt section. I got really crossed up in the air and landed that way and just got ejected. It was a wild crash but I popped right up and ran over to my bike to see that the left side of my handlebars was severely bent. That ended my race. I should have just settled for 3rd and eased up a little but that is always hard in a race setting.

Start of the main where I pulled the holeshot
Another disappointing finish to an otherwise great supermoto weekend. Hopefully this will be the end of my bad luck. I learned a lot this weekend and hope to continue to improve and try to ride a bit smarter the rest of the season.