Monday, June 7, 2010

PICS: Riding at Predi's and KW Bike Park

Last weekend in May Ryan Markham was in the area for a wedding and he brought his 450 KTM and his jump bike so we got out for a ride on the Sunday. I hadn't seen Markham in a few years so it was great to catch up and go for a rip. First off we hit up mutual friends Predi and Najua Medina's place in Cambridge to ride some moto. Thanks to Ryan for the pics. Click them to go bigger. Click read more for more...

Then we drove in to Kitchener to hit up the McLennan Bike Park for some more jumping on the mountain bikes. If you are into jumping Mountain bikes or BMX you got to check out Maclennan park. Great dirt jump lines, gravity fed 4x track, freeride stunts and a killer pump track!
In transit with my 3 babies: Truck, Moto, Bike. Awesome
Last hit on the big DJ line looking over Kitchener
Railin' the pumptrack berm