Thursday, May 20, 2010

REPORT: Canadian National Supermoto Series Rd 1

May 16 marked the first round of the 2010 Canadian National Supermoto Series at Shannonville Motorsports Park in Shannonville, Ontario. This race was also the second round of the R.A.C.E. Provincial Supermoto Series. The weather was on the rider’s side with the sun shining through clear skies and hot temperatures. The rider turn out continues to grow as more people are finding out how awesome Supermoto is. There was lots of action in the races and the spectators didn’t go home disappointed.

The main event races kicked off with the SM2 Amateur 250 class. Veteran rider Steve Scharfe got off to an early lead ahead of Colin Trevor and Broady Gavigan. Bruno Martinez was the only 250 to jump the big tabletop in the first dirt section and used his dirt advantage to get ahead of Gavigan. Just before coming into the second dirt section Gavigan lost the front end and went down handing 4th place to Alex Scott. Once again Martinez used his dirt skills to make a block pass in the dirt on Trevor and secured 2nd place. Scharfe rode a clean race out front to take the win.

 Steve Scharfe (75) takes the SM2 win over Bruno Martinez (268)

The Superquads were up next and 2 riders took to the line: Sylvain Arsenault and Mathieu Robitaille. Arsenault grabbed the holeshot and held the lead to the checkers. Watching these quads power slide out of the corners with the riders dangling off the sides of their machines is great to watch.

Sylvain Arsenault sliding through one of the asphalt corners

When the flag dropped for the Open Amateur class Kevin Kiddle got the jump on the field and led into the first corner over Dany Bernier and Bart Bidzinski. Later in the race Chris Barendregt tried to make a pass on Mason Walton by diving to the inside on a tight left hander but he couldn’t get his braking done, blew the corner and stalled falling back further. Bruno Martinez, the lone 250 in the class worked his way past Walton for 4th place. On the second last lap while running 3rd and pressing Bernier for 2nd Bidzinski stalled in the second dirt section giving up his position. Kiddle took the wire-to-wire victory over Bernier and Martinez.

Bruno Martinez (268) jumps past Krys Nowakowski (102)

The Pro 450’s took to the track next. Off the start Maxime Sylvestre took the lead while Dave Arnold and Yves Lagace battled for second down the front straight. Lagace took 2nd heading into the first corner. Lagace later got loose in the long dirt straightaway, Arnold took advantage of this and moved into 2nd. Lagace would later stall in the other dirt section, dropping to the end of the pack. Arnold closed in on Sylvestre but was never close enough to try a pass. On the last lap while running 3rd Erik McAdam stalled his bike in a tight asphalt corner and Paul Rouillard slips by to take 3rd behind Arnold and Sylvestre.

Yves Lagace (818) and Dave Arnold (2) battle for position off the start

Krys Nowakowski got the holeshot in the Beginner race but was only able to hold it until the second lap when he blew wide in the first asphalt corner allowing Broady Gavigan, Colin Trevor and Jeff Waddell to get by. Team mates Gavigan and Trevor on their 250’s kept things exciting as they battled for the lead the entire race. Gavigan was able to hold off Trevor to take the win. Nowakowski eventually got by Waddell to take the final podium spot.

Broady Gavigan (476) lands a jump on his way to winning the beginner class

In the SM1 Semi Pro class, once again Kevin Kiddle got out front early and led the whole race. Dany Bernier held 2nd over Bart Bidzinski. These two were pushing hard and in the end Bernier was able to hold off Bidzinski to keep 2nd.

Kevin Kiddle celebrates his win

The Veteran class was next on the track with only 3 riders. As the riders sorted out positions coming into the first corner it was Chris Barendregt in the lead over Steve Scharfe and Fred Vegter. Barendregt opened up a big lead and held it for the win. Vegter matched the pace of Scharfe but wasn’t able to try a pass and they finished up in the same order they started.

Fred Vegter (13) chases Steve Scharfe (75)

The final moto of the day was also the most exciting as the Open Pro riders battled it out. This time Dave Arnold grabbed the holeshot over Maxime Sylvestre and Yves Lagace. Michael Martel took the inside on one of the asphalt corners to get by Lagace. After completing the first lap, Sylvestre powered his KTM past Arnold’s Honda down the front straight. Sylvestre wasn’t able to hold his line into the first corner and Arnold took the lead once again. Sylvestre pushed Arnold for a couple laps until Arnold tucked the front end and went down in a tight right hand asphalt corner. Sylvestre took the lead and ran with it. The battle for 3rd was still raging between Lagace and Martel. Lagace eventually made the pass for 3rd, which he would hold until the end. After picking himself up, Arnold mounted a charge and worked his way towards Sylvestre again but never made it to striking distance. Maxime Sylvestre took the first National win of the season over Dave Arnold and Yves Lagace.

Maxime Sylvestre (77) jumps back onto the asphalt and takes the Pro Open victory