Tuesday, May 18, 2010

RECAP: Canadian Supermoto Nationals Rd #1 Weekend

The weekend didn't go quite as planned to say the least. It started going bad on the drive to Shannonville. I decided to take the 407 to bypass Toronto and with my little truck packed up, the tailgate was down. The toll road sensors can't see my license plate that way and I was pulled over and given a $110 ticket. I had done this before and never got billed so I was trying my luck. I guess I wont be doing that any more...
Once I got to the track and geared up for practice I found that the new back/ chest protector I bought during the week didn't fit as well under my leathers as I thought it would. I was fairly constricted. I went out on the track for a short rip until I noticed the new throttle tube I installed wasn't working properly. I switched that out and tried to re arrange my chest / back protector. I went out again, still not feeling 100%, made a slight line mistake and my back tire slid off the track on the fast front straight away. I managed to keep from going down but I wasn't able to slow down enough and ran off the end of the track and hit a large rock right before the fence. This damaged my front rim and jammed my hand/ wrist really hard. That ended my practice day and took me out of the following day's races.


This really bummed me out. I was hoping to do good in these 5 Canadian National races to see how I could do in the points. This isn't a good way to start. I have some work to do now!
Pros Maxime Sylvester and Dave Arnold showed up to race so I decided to hang around to watch them battle. Sunday came around and it was a perfect day, not a cloud in the sky. Since I wasn't riding I took over Dave's killer digital camera and started snapping pics. I had a lot of fun doing that and watching all the great races. Also, since I wasn't using my helmet cam, Dave let me stick it on his bike so that you all could see what its like to go real fast around the supermoto track. Videos will be posted soon.

The Pro's put on a great show

I got my hand checked out Monday night and nothing is broken just sprained pretty good. I'll get that healed up, fix the front rim and make sure nothing else is damaged on the bike. Then we'll be back out the for the next race June 12-13 on the Shannonville Supermoto track again for some redemption!